About Us

Scarecrow Search started with an idea of bringing the community together safely for some Fall Fun in 2020. We wanted to see the creative ways our communities could come up with unique, personalized scarecrow designs, that other members of the community could find. We love seeing how each scarecrow can have a unique personality that brings them to life, so families can collect and learn about each one.

It was a no-brainer that we would create a website that could allow the community to find, create, and learn about these creative scarecrows.

We have also created a fun downloadable tracker sheet to keep track of the scarecrows you find. You can also download our other activity sheets for those who want to show off their creative skill in another way. Submit your fully colored sheets and see it live in our Gallery!

Have a Fun Fall Scarecrow season. Happy searching!

4 ways to Fall Fun:


Find Scarecrows

Search for scarecrows in our community. If you find a scarecrow with a Scarecrow Search number, enter that number and learn all about that scarecrow.


Create a Scarecrow

Build your own scarecrow at home, take a picture of them, name them, and build a personality for your scarecrow. Submit and you are done! You will get a unique tracking number sent to you to place next to your scarecrow in your yard for others to find.


Track found Scarecrows

Search around our community for scarecrows with a unique tracking number on them. Once you find a new number, do a search in the Found a Scarecrow section of the site to learn all about that scarecrow. Use the tracking sheet to keep track of all of the scarecrows you have found. If you fill up a sheet, feel free to print off as many as you need!


Color Activity Sheets

Download our activity sheets for some off-the-search fun. Once you are done coloring you can submit your fully colored artworks to the site to live in our Gallery.