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Build Your Scarecrow

Build your own scarecrow at home the way you want it to be. Be creative and think outside the hay bail. Place it near the road so people can find it and read the number easily.


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Capture that perfect picture of your scarecrow. Take a few and see which angle is their good side.


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Think about what you want to name your scarecrow, what it’s likes are and some fun facts that people will love to read about. This is a great time to be funny and puns are more than welcome!


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Once you have filled out the scarecrow’s info, click the preview button to see what the page will look like. If you are good, submit and we will review your info and get the scarecrow live within a few hours. You can edit anything you don’t like before you submit. Once your scarecrow is approved, you will get your number sent to you for posting next to your scarecrow.

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